A SHIP IN THE WOODS is a non-profit art entity working to engage critical art and cultural dialogues through curated events within a domestic setting.
These events, the residency program, and other shared initiatives are the primary components in WSOHOIDPS's platform for supporting a community of artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, researchers and other creatives dedicated to advancing an ever evolving experience of the world.
Closing Show tomorrow night! 6-9pm 10% off collage works by Ginger Louise #gingerlouise #WSOHOIDPS…
Saturday September 27th 6-10pm #milanabraslavsky #annetteisham shipinthewoods w/ music by…
2 new store openings tonight !Music, food, drink until 10pm in the courtyard #theROWcollective
Your Cosmic Postal Address Just Got One More Layer Added via @BadAstronomer
Welcome to Laniakea, your galactic supercluster home
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