A SHIP IN THE WOODS is a non-profit art entity working to engage critical art and cultural dialogues through curated events within a domestic setting.
These events, the residency program, and other shared initiatives are the primary components in WSOHOIDPS's platform for supporting a community of artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, researchers and other creatives dedicated to advancing an ever evolving experience of the world.
you dn't eeven knw
MJs alive and well @helmuthprojects tonight!
This should brighten up yr morning. @perctrax live for RA Sessions. Featuring Dan Chandler, late of Dethscalator.
"HILLSIGN" by Bobbie Fisher on display for one more week. Come check it out. #wsohoidps
The new Half Japanese LP (@JoyfulNoiseRecs) is a killer antidote to cynicism. Real nice production work from @deerhoof's John Dieterich!
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