A SHIP IN THE WOODS is a non-profit art entity working to engage critical art and cultural dialogues through curated events within a domestic setting.
These events, the residency program, and other shared initiatives are the primary components in WSOHOIDPS's platform for supporting a community of artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, researchers and other creatives dedicated to advancing an ever evolving experience of the world.
Routines allow us to feel in control--an illusion, of course. New Sunday, new mix. Feat. @dfarecords & @HeladoNegro:
Art opening tonight until 10pm come meet Kansas City artist #addisonstonestreet It's a great show!…
If only @OozingWound were our society's Wyld Stallyns... Where is future George Carlin when you need him?
100 % chance of tics this weekend... Come check out our artist in residence #addisonstonestreet ART…
Carol Anne
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