In the fall of 2010, a group of artists and creative professionals sought out residency in a mid-century home in the hills of Del Mar, CA with the notion of creating an environment for critical dialogues in art and culture. Set on an acre of densely vegetated land, the house presented an opportunity to have these discussions in a unique setting and after a substantial renovation project, the property was transformed into a venue worthy of displaying world-class works from both established and up-and-coming artists.
The house was originally built as a summer home for the actor George Brent. It then served as a satellite to the North County Repertory Theatre company, offering lodging to visiting actors and performers. After decades spent quietly as a domestic dwelling, the property was purchased and it's structures scheduled for eventual demolition. It was with this inevitable future already in place that a new collection of individuals would move in to conceive of the house's final iteration and initiate its' last life as A SHIP IN THE WOODS.
Today the SHIP continues to function as a home and venue for art, music, lectures, communal dinners, and various gatherings in pursuit of critical discourse. The HELM solo project series, running through February 2014 will be among the final events at our current location.
While a pending future location is still undetermined the WSOHOIDPS mission remains steadfast and on course - building a community and platform to support artists, designers, and other cultural researchers as they extend their own creative visions into the physical world.
1660 Lugano Lane, Del Mar, CA 92014 2690 Via De la Valle #D150, Del Mar, CA